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The High Line: NYC's One-of-a-Kind Elevated Garden

June 04, 2017

In a city packed with so many millions of people, New Yorkers have learned to be very savvy with their space. So it was in this spirit of resourcefulness that, back in 1999, an organization called Friends of the High Line petitioned to have one-and-a-half miles of dilapidated, elevated railway on the west side of Manhattan repurposed as an aerial garden. Thus, a section of train track that once serviced warehouses and factories now provides a unique natural oasis against an industrial backdrop. Immense care went into designing each section of the greenway, and much of it constitutes an almost self-sustaining ecosystem. In addition to the flora itself, visitors will appreciate the many art installations that have sprung up alongside the High Line. So grab the kids, that special someone, or just your own thoughts and head to any one of the many staircases between Ganesvoort Street and 34th Street where you can climb aboard New York’s elevated garden.