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Stop and Smell the Orchids

March 05, 2018

Spring is (almost) in the air and the 16th annual Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens runs through April 22. Stop and smell the orchids as you stroll through an amazing display of thousands of orchids arranged in a multitude of shapes and sizes, with some showcased as illuminated, large-scale sculptures. Well worth the trip to the Bronx, the Orchid Show features specialty orchid evenings and events including dancing, musical performances and cocktails amongst a beautiful, fresh and colorful background of orchids. This year’s installations by Belgian Florida Artist Daniel Ost are living sculptures that celebrate the complex beauty of this floral varietal. Ost is one of the leading floral artists in the world and his large-scale works are customized to accentuate the conservatory’s natural architecture. Make an afternoon or evening out of it and experience the beauty of nature right in New York City. Find all of the floral details here.