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Songs of Good Cheer for Winter Solstice

December 03, 2018

The holidays in New York are magical enough, but imagine the streets of Manhattan filled with carolers spreading songs of good cheer just like olden days. "Make Music Winter" will make your merry, musical dreams come true, with a modern twist. Participatory parades, open to professionals, amateurs, and the curious, will fill the city with sound on the Winter Solstice (December 21st). Below are just a few of the parades that will take place in Manhattan:

1. At Madison Square Park between 12:30-2pm, performers will communicate with each other from throughout the park, blending and transforming sound as their music becomes part of the cityscape.

2. Meet at the northeast corner of Columbus Circle at 4:32pm for a sunset departure, and wind your way through Central Park with a procession of players plucking kalimbas - an evolution of the African mbira, or thumb piano. The “Kalimbascope” is a mobile live-sound system that will transform the emissions of the ancient folk instruments.

3. After sunset at the High Line, paraders can use their smartphones, wearable speakers, and apps to create music from the velocities of their movements. As participants interact with their environment and each other, they’ll create an assortment of sounds, from tinkling metal to splashing water to electric guitar chords.

Check out the “Make Music Winter” website for other parades throughout NYC, as well as location details and registration requirements.