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Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

September 03, 2019

One event that has become synonymous with a September trip to New York is Fashion Week. It often appears to be an exclusive, industry-only event, but it creates a buzz around the city that makes it such an interesting time to visit.

Beyond people-watching and spotting new trends on the sidewalks, you can participate by purchasing tickets to specific happenings around town. The events that are open to the public include brunches, cocktail parties, discussion forums, charity shows, and events honoring specific categories of designers.

If the fashion frenzy gets you in the shopping spirit, Lex Hotel happens to be just a short walk from the big retail stores on 5th Avenue, from Club Monaco to Madewell. Whether you’re more of a tailored Ann Taylor type or you like the boho looks from Free People, you’re bound to find it easy to shop your heart out in this area. Of course, it’s always worth wandering the side streets for those NYC boutiques, thrift stores, and high-end consignment shops you can’t find anywhere else.