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Brooklyn Vinyls

April 01, 2016

Scattered across all five boroughs, New York City is full of entertainment and art. And if getting a feel of New York’s local music scene is on your agenda, consider visiting Rough Trade. Located just fifteen minutes from our Lexington Ave hotel, Rough Trade serves as both a concert venue and record store. With its art covered walls and scribbled quotes by famous musicians, visitors feel like they’re visiting a hidden gem right outside the city. Serving as a venue by night, its intimate concert stage makes visitors feel like they have a front row seat to a private performance. Local and returning artists are often showcasing their latest tunes. Visitors can browse through a variety of albums, preview them in a listening station, and purchase their favorites. Rough Trade has become a hotspot for musicians and visitors who share a love for music.


Address: 64 N 9th St, Brooklyn

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