67 Lexington Avenue New York, NY    -    Phone: 646-439-7901


Pizza With A Password


It's possible that the word is already out on pizza impresario Giulio Adriani's "pizza speakeasy" SRO but, just in case it's still possible to score one of the hot spot's 24 seats, here's what you need to know. It's tucked inside Espoleta, a tapas and wine bar in the East Village, and can only be accessed by a secret door and a secret password (ask for it at sropizza.com). Once you make your way there, sample Adriani's famous fried Montanara pizza alongside whatever experimental Neapolitan pizzas he's dreamed up that day. You'll likely be battling New Yorkers and pizza-loving guests of New York City hotels for a taste of pizza paradise but, trust us, it will be worth every effort. This authentic taste of New York will stay with you long after you've headed back to your pizza desert.

Address: 334 Bowery


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