67 Lexington Avenue New York, NY    -    Phone: 646-439-7901



Makins Hat Factory

Our hat is off to Satya Twena, who began making hats out of her 4th floor NYC walkup and, last year, made hat-making history by buying New York's iconic Makins Hats and Makins Hat Factory. Over four decades, Makins has made stylish chapeaux for Frank Sinatra, Brad Pitt, Spike Lee, Madonna and countless others who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of a hand-made hat. Using traditional millinery techniques, the finest materials, fur felts, leathers and straws, Twena continues Makins' fashionable legacy. You can find her wares in local boutiques near our midtown Manhattan hotel (including Treasure & Bond in Soho and Edon Manor in Tribeca) or throw a hat-making party in her stylish 35th Street workroom. The party favor tops them all – a hand-made hat made while you sip cocktails and listen to jazz.

Address: 212 W. 35th Street