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Escape In New York


Are you a puzzle master? A captain of clue-deciphering? Or even just big fan of Sherlock Holmes? Then have we got a game for you. At Escape the Room, you are locked in a room filled with various clues to aid in your escape and given an hour to work it all out. This is an activity made for groups that encourages working together to solve the mystery and free yourselves, so it's perfect for friends, family, even co-workers (there's even an "office" themed room!). Located within walking distance of our Lexington Avenue hotel, Escape the Room provides visitors the opportunity to stretch their deductive and analytical muscles in an exciting and suspenseful environment. And what better incentive to get free than knowing your comfortable guest room back at the Lex is waiting for you?

Address: 25 West 31st Street, 11th Floor, New York City

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